Black Belt Certification

Course Description

The Black Belt Certification is further demonstration that the approaches and principles of White Belt training have been used successfully to transform how software is developed in your large organization. There are two types of Black Belt Certifications. First, there is certification to ensure that people proficient in White Belt principles can certify their own Green Belts, enabling companies to be more self-sufficient. This certification process is to ensure people can run Green Belt workshops and coach future projects. Second is to recognize larger and longer continuous improvement projects that can last years instead of months, projects you may be interested in once you complete the Green Belt Certification. A classic example of this is Ted Youel’s Black Belt project at Optum Technology.


Black Belt Case Study

Ted Youel and his team at Optum systematically created a stable, quality signal. How? They spent a few years going through and addressing all the stability issues in their deployment pipeline.

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