Green Belt Certification

Course Description

In partnership with David Farley, the Green Belt training is designed to help people successfully apply White Belt training principles in their own organization and guide the improvement projects themselves. This important next step requires making the development and delivery process visible, identifying the biggest source of waste, implementing a change to remove said waste, and documenting the impact of the improvement. A typical Green Belt improvement project lasts 4–6 months.

The training starts by defining what is required for a successful green belt project and an overview of the process. It also covers potential ideas for improvements and the metrics that can be used to quantify the benefits of the change. The goal is to ensure the project starts with a clear definition of the problem and the expected outcomes.

Next, as people start making improvements, we want to help them as much as possible on that journey. For this, the training leverages David’s years of experience to provide his own content and curated content from others to help people understand what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t cover every technology for different organizations, and it is not intended to show or tell people exactly what to do. Instead, its purpose is to demonstrate general design principles and approaches that can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

David provides his training in a wiki-style format that enables people to focus on the content that will help with the issues they are addressing. There are many different ways to use the wiki, but David provides a few different starting points and recommended paths for topics. His content includes very simple working examples so people can see the practices in action. The code can be reviewed to see examples of good design patterns and the consequences of bad design patterns.

It includes definitions, tips, videos, code examples, and everything he believes will help organizations with improving software development. And, like anything software related, it is designed to be updated and improved over time with feedback from the users.

Certification Process

The Green Belt will be certified based on the completeness of the mapping, the clarity of the biggest issue, and the impact of the improvement (documented with metrics).

Based on this visibility of the process, you must explain the biggest source of waste your project identified and how it was addressed. This will require using metrics to show what impact the change had on reducing the waste.

Improvement Project Presentation

The Green Belt Certification improvement project presentation will need to include the following:

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